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With the extraordinary development in the CBD market over the last few years discovering a quality supplier can appear complicated.

Guaranteeing the quality of the CBD products we note is our number one priority. Which is why every CBD product listed goes through laboratory testing for purity and quality.

Switzerland is renowned for the quality and pureness of it’s hemp. That’s why we have actually sourced CBD products which are naturally grown and after that carefully processed in Switzerland to provide you with the finest CBD oil readily available.

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3rd Party Analysed

Prior to any product being listed on our site we firmly insist that it gets laboratory evaluated. The CBD % score is accurate and you can feel confident in the CBD product.


We searched Europe to discover the highest quality hemp and the very best production quality and settled on Swiss hemp as the very best in class.

Accurate CBD %

The level of CBD present is our CBD products is verified. The quality of our products is guaranteed.

Ethos And Values

100% Natural CBD Products

There are numerous claims for the advantages of CBD oil: reduction of tension and stress and anxiety and swelling. What is for certain is that CBD oil can have a relaxing and calming impact on users.

To ensure quality we have had a look at many different CBD brands and products. The CBD oils and balms which appear on this site have been carefully selected and verified to ensure quality.

It’s important for us that you can rely on the products which are advised on this site. The CBD products which are listed have all met with out strict quality guidelines.

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Premium CBD

Beeswax is added to our own CBD balm to secure the skin, and shea butter to alleviate skin irritations.

An additional advantage of using CBD balms to your skin is that they help to nurture, hydrate and fix the skin.

Our balms can be used all over the body and offer helpful relief for a multitude of skin conditions. Merely apply to the targeted area and massage in.

Our CBD Oils

Created from amongst the finest naturally grown hemp in Europe, our CBD Oil is among the highest quality organic CBD oils readily available.

All of the CBD oils we stock are separately checked before they appear on our website.


Premium CBD Brands And Top Quality Products in Aberdeen


Purity And Power

We have vetted the providers we utilize to make certain they utilize no extra chemicals during the productions process. Thus making sure that the end products are as natural as possible.


Gold Standard Products

In order to achieve a high level of CBD the hemp used in the production process has actually been selectively grown to be naturally high is CBD leading to an exceptional final result.


Individually Tested

We have carefully handpicked all of the CBD products on our site. You can feel confident that only the very best products appear, and that they have been individually laboratory evaluated,

Client Service

Before any CBD oil can be included on our website it is lab checked in Switzerland. Just the absolute best CBD products get to be included on our website.

Nondescript Packaging

Our packaging is very discreet. All of our products are delivered in nondescript small boxes.

Europe-wide Shipping

Once we get your order it will be processed and delivered within 24hrs from our dispatch centre. If you'd like to check if we deliver to your location then please do check our deliveries page.

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What Is The Legality Of CBD Oil?

Bearing in mind that laws are subject to change, the present requirements are that CBD oils have less than 0.2% THC in them. This is the level that all our CBD products follow.

An Introduction To CBD

Cannabis is more extensively known as an illegal product, mostly for the mind changing existence of THC included within it. CBD, on the other hand, contains no active psychedelic components and is extensively checked and studied.

What Is THC?

THC is the best-known psychedelic ingredient in cannabis.

CBD Oil Aberdeen

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Is it legal to grow CBD in Aberdeen?
While nearly all cannabinoids are controlled substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act, CBD– or cannabidiol as it is also understood– is not. For example, commercial hemp might be grown under licence in the UK. It is a pressure of the marijuana plant that contains little or no THC, but does include CBD.

Is CBD Oil legal?
Yes, buying CBD is federally legal as long as it does not include more than 0.3 percent THC, but some state laws have actually put limitations on purchasers. For example, Virginians can just buy and possess CBD if they have a prescription.

Do you need to be 18 to buy CBD?
In states where marijuana is legal, there is usually a minimum age requirement of 18 to 21 for purchasing, states Dr. Chen. CBD products appearing on shop racks, nevertheless, frequently bring no age restriction, he states. CBD business owners have actually browsed the legal landscape in various ways.

Can you buy CBD oil at a dispensary without a card?
This means that buying CBD oil in Arizona is legal without a medical marijuana card, even though buying marijuana is still illegal. That’s because CBD can be stemmed from marijuana’ cousin commercial hemp. … CBD can be bought in numerous forms consisting of sweets, CBD oil, or topicals without the requirement for a prescription.

Why do people utilize CBD?
CBD is typically utilized to deal with stress and anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the anguish of sleeping disorders, research studies recommend that CBD might help with both falling asleep and staying asleep. CBD might use a choice for dealing with various kinds of persistent pain.

Is it legal to mail CBD oil?
Is it Legal to Send CBD Oil Through the Mail? Yes, it is legal to deliver CBD oil in the mail across the United States, but Federal law specifically states that it should include less than 0.3% THC and should be stemmed from hemp rather than marijuana. That’s right, according to federal law, it is legal in all 50 states.

Do you build a tolerance to CBD?
CBD still isn’t greatly investigated, but the basic consensus on the matter, is “no” CBD usage does not result in developing a tolerance. In fact, the reverse is true. CBD usage frequently results in reverse tolerance. … This means that with time users might be able to reduce their dose and still achieve the very same results.

Can I take CBD oil on a cruise?
You might have issues on cruises or on federal lands
Both Carnival Cruise Lines and Disney Cruise Lines also restrict CBD oil on their ships. … (Hemp-derived CBD oil likely stays the one exception.) And while it might be very simple to stowaway a tincture on any mode of transport, that does not imply it’s allowed.

Can you take CBD while on antidepressants?
And while CBD is touted as an all-natural supplement with some proof that it can be good for your health, it’s possible that your CBD latte can still affect the efficacy of various medications– consisting of antidepressants. … “Generally speaking, you can safely utilize CBD supplements when you’re taking antidepressants.

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